Technology and quality are the tools we use not only to tell a story or express ourselves but also to appeal to people's emotions.

Milano Bedding® is a brand founded in 1996 from the experience of Kover, a company which for thirty years has been a leading manufacturer of sofa beds, beds and mattresses.

In collaboration with several designers Milano Bedding® has wanted, since its establishment, to create models that combine design, comfort and technology, to bring to the world of the sofa bed the same quality as that of beds and sofas.

Milano Bedding® products always point to innovation, to the development of technologies and solutions that increase the functionality and practicality of the system of opening and closing by adopting advanced mechanisms.
Almost all Milano Bedding® sofa beds do not require removal of cushions or backrests during movement; moreover, many models also offer the possibility to dress a bed, ready with sheets and a light blanket.

The brand guarantees the quality of sleep by offering a continuous research on mattresses; they are of different thicknesses, in step with the times and technology. The company offers a choice of mattresses: firm, soft, sprung, polyurethane foam and other materials: all high-quality solutions, able to satisfy the basic criteria of sleeping as well as seating comfort, without compromising aesthetics and design.

The brand also offers a collection of beds, which are also synonymous with quality, comfort, design and functionality.

The production takes place at Milano Bedding® in its factory and is strictly 100% made in Italy.
Milano Bedding guarantees that the entire cycle of its production is carried out exclusively in its factory in Desio (MB), Italy
  • Collaboration between our R & D department and various Designers, for the study of new products
  • Latest technology machinery
  • Certified Company
  • Sleeping comfort supported by the widest variety of quality mattresses in the sofa bed field
  • Comfortable seats, tested and durable to withstand daily and frequent use
  • Easy opening systems
  • Tested and guaranteed products
Roberto de Lorenzo was born in Seregno, Italy, in 1963. At the beginning of his professional life, he supports his father in the family business which makes world-famous sofa bed mechanisms. After graduating in 1983, he starts Kover in 1985, a company that specialises in the manufacture of quilted coverings and sofa beds for third parties. Thanks to the experience and ''know-how'' acquired over the years, in 1996 he launches Milano Bedding. The brand immediately establishes itself as of one of the market leaders in the very specific sector of innovative and quality sofa beds, by combining design and attention to detail. In order to pursue his goal, he collaborates with several designers, putting at their disposal all his expertise in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, communications and marketing, allowing them to maximise their potential towards the development of new projects. He believes in achieving his objectives: the Milano Bedding project's aims have been fulfilled and the brand offers perfect quality: 'at home, comfort and design are both essential, as well as the full customer’s satisfaction.
The Statement.
In 1987 ISO (International Standard Organization) was intoduced in order to set rules for the development of quality systems that, in a short time, became a model for companies sensitive to issues of quality and organization of production. These led to the creation of the ISO 9000 standards.

The ISO 9001:1994, chosen by Kover Srl from the beginning, is the most comprehensive in setting rules for all phases related to industrial activity. Subsequent 9001:2000 standards and the recent 2008, which Kover joined in March 2009, have placed the customers satisfaction at the center of all activities of the organization.

The Certification.
The ISO 9001 Quality Certification is obtained by organizations facing a preliminary stage of analysis and an optimization route of all activities. Kover Srl uses the experience and expertise of external consultants and obtained in 1999, working with dedication and professionalism, the certification by ICILA. ICILA is an independent organization credited by ACCREDIA, which is part of IQNet through CISQ and is therefore recognized internationally. Periodic checks by ICILA, ensure the maintenance of the degree of compliance with the standard reference. The procedures, subject to compliance with the conformity, are always documented in writing and cover the following activities:
  • Design and development of every product until the execution phase;
  • Acquisition and management of customer’s orders;
  • Management of purchases from suppliers;
  • Management of customer’s complaints and returns;
  • Management of non-compliance;
  • Manufacture cycle of each individual piece, with particular attention to the relationship with suppliers, value of materials and quality of workmanship;
  • After-sales service.
Kover periodically monitors the satisfaction of its customers by sending a questionnaire.
View Kover's CISQ certificate.
View Kover's IQNet certificate.
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The Quality Assurance of Kover Srl. Complying with ISO 9001 means that Kover Srl faces the market with a new competitiveness, both now and in the long run. Compliance with the ISO 9001 ensures not only the quality of the work of the company, but also assures Dealers and Customers that any product bearing the name Kover Srl provides a higher certainty: the quality that comes from work in continuous improvement.
Sofa-bed, unlike traditional sofas, implie the use of mechanisms to allow opening and closing. These mechanisms give the product a quality issue, not easily noticeable only by apparent aesthetic; often a nice overview hides inadequate mechanisms, leading to a poor result of use: in this case the only remedy is the replacement of the entire product, with consequent loss of the cost incurred for the purchase.

All MILANO BEDDING sofa-beds use “LAMPOLET” mechanisms, tested and guaranteed over time; mattresses “SPRINGS”, specially designed to be inserted in sofa-beds, offer a comfort close to that of a normal bed.