Milano Bedding returns to the heart of the Ville Lumière with the Goodman sofa bed.

Comfort and relaxation in Paris with the transformable sofas by Milano Bedding. These have been chosen to give style and functionality to an elegant apartment in the city centre.

In summer there is a desire to travel and discover new destinations, such as Paris. 

The accommodation facilities, from hotels to apartments, are ready to welcome tourists, guaranteeing maximum comfort. 

And it is precisely in the romantic city par excellence, the most visited capital in Europe in 2023, that Milano Bedding has brought the quality of its sofa beds.

Paris, with over 44 million guests, is known not only for its prestigious monuments and museums. In fact, it is also famous for its historic buildings to appreciate while walking along the boulevards or, better yet, to stay in to fully experience a holiday in perfect Parisian style.

Divani letto Milano Bedding

The charm of the Belle Époque can also be savored in exclusive homes. Such as, for example, the two apartments furnished with Goodman upholstered furniture by Milano Bedding and designed by the architect Eden Solal, furnished by Paul Sallé.

We have already presented the first, a few steps from the Louvre; while we describe the second in this article.

Located along the famous Champs Élysées, the palace is in the business district, 8th arrondissement, which is home to luxury buildings and the Elysée.

The renovation of the interiors and the furnishing of the rooms followed the refined style of the neighbourhood. More precisely, Parisian exclusivity has been reinterpreted in a modern key thanks also to the Goodman convertible couches, design Alessandro Elli for Milano Bedding.

The large house (175m2) is featuring high ceilings, large windows, natural wooden floors and white walls, all adding brightness. 
The intervention, in line with the projects created by Helpmyguest, maintained light tones by combining design elements, such as sofas, to create a coherent visual experience in each space.

The common thread of the furnishings is immediately perceptible: soft and rounded shapes, high quality, aesthetic rendering and, last but not least, comfort and functionality are the basis of the choice of furnishings. Consequently, the optimal solution for the living room proved to be the Goodman collection by Milano Bedding. Two large sofas that convert into comfortable beds to give guests a unique experience: a convivial, relaxing and welcoming environment.

The sofa beds, chosen in the delicate cream shade, reflect the light nuances of the house and, with their curvilinear and sinuous profile, the soft lines that define the entire project.

The dimensions and proportions of the couches are suitable for the large room favouring maximum freedom and originality. This creates a fluid combination, designed to accentuate the convivial atmosphere.

The two transformable upholstered sofas are discreet protagonists of the living area and fit perfectly into the style of the entire apartment. Thus, Goodman sofas combine style and functionality, ensuring high comfort in both the sofa and bed versions. An added value that is easily obtained thanks to the simple opening mechanism. In addittion, a regenerating sleep, just like at home, is guaranteed by choosing from the vast range of specific sofa bed mattresses by Milano Bedding.

So, this summer let yourself be inspired not only by the destinations but also by the places to stay that are able to best complete your holiday. Choose them according to your tastes but make sure you have comfort and functionality, just like that offered by the Milano Bedding sofa beds.

Whether you are visiting a city like Paris or the seaside or the mountains, true luxury is relaxing and resting as if you were on your sofa or bed.

The Goodman collection consists of a transformable sofa, shaped poufs, armrests and quilted bases.

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Happy Holiday from Milano Bedding!