Paris, private House

Milano Bedding in Paris with Goodman: sofa bed and ottoman chosen for a prestigious apartment in the city centre, in collaboration with CheckMyGuest

Milano Bedding, with its latest collections of convertible upholstered furniture, including Goodman designed by Alessandro Elli, expresses the concept whereby the sofa bed corresponds to a real sofa, designed to be, with its elegance, the hero of the environment and, at the same time, an extra bed, able to offer the same comfort as a bed for daily use.

The sofa beds and quilted footstools in the collection were chosen by architect Eden Solal to furnish the living room of a prestigious apartment in the center of Paris, a few steps from the Louvre.


The large apartment (170 m² divided into 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen), located in a historic Haussmann-style building, features high ceilings, large windows, natural wood floors and white walls, which give brightness.

With a view to respecting the Parisian spirit of luxury and elegance, the architect has carefully studied the surfaces and volumes of the rooms, to create a welcoming, sophisticated and functional place.

The prevailing shades are light and soft, to make the rooms nice and relaxing, with the addition of bright colors such as celadon green and navy blue, chosen to upholster the Goodman sofa beds and ottomans, a versatile and timeless color, prized for its depth and sophistication.


The general style of the apartment is based on rounded shapes which, in line with the choice of colours, convey serenity, softness and conviviality. Roundness in interior design softens the straight lines and angles of the space, creating a friendly and balanced atmosphere.

The two Goodman sofa beds and ottomans by Milano Bedding fit perfectly into this perspective: the curvilinear shape, with sinuous and welcoming lines, is further enhanced by the peculiarity of being a modular solution, designed to give life to multiple compositions, favouring maximum freedom and originality in creating fluid combinations. The arrangement in this living room, the largest and most important room of the apartment, was in fact designed to accentuate the warm atmosphere and to give it an artistic dimension, which blends with the surrounding environment.


Goodman, designed by Alessandro Elli together with Milano Bedding, brings together style and functionality and was also chosen by the architect Eden Solal for its dimensions and proportions suitable for the space, for its comfort both in the fixed and in the bed version, intuitive function and easy to use, thanks to the simple opening mechanism.

Location: Paris

Year: 2023

Product: Goodman