Sofa bed: the four options for comfort according to Milano Bedding

Sofa bed: the four options for comfort according to Milano Bedding

Padding, opening system, with or without chaise longue and headrests: these are the four options to choose from for your sofa bed, while keeping comfort as a principle.

Vivien, design Alessandro Elli

The fundamental criterion that moves the choice of the sofa bed is its grade of comfort, followed by the variations of style, colors and accessories. In this context there are, above all, four elements to choose and combine, and on which Milano Bedding has developed its proposals, to ensure that the sofa is modelled on the preferences of each and reflects their personality.
First: the type of padding, which can be softer or firmer. The seat of Jarreau by Milano Bedding, for example, is made with a “super soft” padding: a second layer of super soft foam with high density but low compression load is placed on the high resilience foam; the combination of the two layers is designed to create a feeling of extreme softness; on the other hand, Duke is a sofa bed that has a firmer seat, for those who prefer a firmer support.

Jarreau, design Milano Bedding
Duke, design Milano Bedding
Mingus, design Milano Bedding

Second: the opening system. In this case, Milano Bedding has two choices between the technology that allows you to close and open the sofa bed with one single movement – such as Mingus and Vivien – or in two movements with a front opening system, as for the Freddie sofa bed.

Third: the chaise longue. This option responds to style and comfort preferences and to the needs related to the space where the sofa bed will be placed. If the living area is big, there is more space for comfort, with convertible sofas on which you can sit but also lay down, for complete relaxation. Two examples are the Prince and Shorter sofa beds, also available in the version without chaise longue but proposed as a seat for all-round comfort when the composition is L-shaped. Fourth: the headrest. The sofa bed becomes custom-made, because according to the height of the user or his specific preferences in terms of comfort, it can possibly accommodate the headrest. The Dave sofa bed is a concrete example: its composition, in fact, can include several accessories, including a headrest. Four options to be combined then, in order to combine your favorite sofa bed and achieve maximum comfort.
Prince, design Milano Bedding
Shorter, design Alessandro Elli
Dave, design Milano Bedding