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Matrix — это диван со строгими линиями, который классно вписывается в современный интерьер. Чехол полностью съемный и его можно стирать в зависимости от выбранной ткани. Просто поворачивая спинку и не снимая подушки, Matrix превращается в настоящую кровать с пружинным матрасом длиной 200 см. длины.

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Matrix | Atlanta, USA

The project was born in Atlanta, USA, from the meeting between the interior designer Jessica Davis and the art collector and owner of the space, Courtney Bombeck; the client’s request was to have a place to relax and which was, at the same time, a showroom. Thus this interior with a traditional taste has welcomed in full harmony colorful works of art and designer furnishings, many of which are Italian, to create a unique mix of its kind.

In the library, conviviality and relaxation are ensured by our Matrix sofa bed, upholstered in dark blue fabric and combined with large.c

Credits: USA

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