Quality System

The Statement.
In 1987 ISO (International Standard Organization) was intoduced in order to set rules for the development of quality systems that, in a short time, became a model for companies sensitive to issues of quality and organization of production. These led to the creation of the ISO 9000 standards.

The ISO 9001:1994, chosen by Kover Srl from the beginning, is the most comprehensive in setting rules for all phases related to industrial activity. The subsequent standards 9001: 2000, the subsequent 2008, and the last 2015, to which Kover has adhered since March 2018, have placed the customers satisfaction at the center of all activities of the organization.

The Certification.
The ISO 9001 Quality Certification is obtained by organizations facing a preliminary stage of analysis and an optimization route of all activities. Kover Srl uses the experience and expertise of external consultants and obtained in 1999, working with dedication and professionalism, the certification by ICILA. ICILA is an independent organization credited by ACCREDIA, which is part of IQNet through CISQ and is therefore recognized internationally. Periodic checks by ICILA, ensure the maintenance of the degree of compliance with the standard reference. The procedures, subject to compliance with the conformity, are always documented in writing and cover the following activities:

  • Design and development of every product until the execution phase;
  • Acquisition and management of customer’s orders;
  • Management of purchases from suppliers;
  • Management of customer’s complaints and returns;
  • Management of non-compliance;
  • Manufacture cycle of each individual piece, with particular attention to the relationship with suppliers, value of materials and quality of workmanship;
  • After-sales service.

Kover periodically monitors the satisfaction of its customers by sending a questionnaire.
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The Quality Assurance of Kover Srl. Complying with ISO 9001 means that Kover Srl faces the market with a new competitiveness, both now and in the long run. Compliance with the ISO 9001 ensures not only the quality of the work of the company, but also assures Dealers and Customers that any product bearing the name Kover Srl provides a higher certainty: the quality that comes from work in continuous improvement.