The Milano Bedding sofa beds furnish the exclusive project of holiday homes “21-5”

The Milano Bedding sofa beds furnish the exclusive project of holiday homes “21-5”

Andersen, Clarke, Dave and Lampo are the convertible sofas chosen by the architects of “21-5” for their design and for the option, always appreciated, of becoming comfortable double beds.

Andersen, project 21-5 Barcelona

21-5 is an innovative concept, born in Denmark, of managing holiday homes all over the world, unique in location and style.

For these homes, extremely accurate in every aspect, an important role is entrusted to Milano Bedding and its sofa beds. The architects of Bo-Tikken Indretning, who sign the restyling, have repeatedly focused on the convertible sofas of the company, making a careful selection based on design, quality, functionality and customization possibilities, all features that belong to the 100% made in Italy products of Milano Bedding.

From the sea to the mountains, to the city, each apartment has a style that reflects the peculiarities of the location. Colors, finishes and details, even in the sofas, are skilfully studied and used to create charming locations, for an exclusive and welcoming relaxation at the same time.

Dave, project 21-5 Barcelona
Lampo, prolect 21-5 Maiorca

We therefore let you discover some of these apartments, located in Barcelona, Mallorca, New York and Rome: here the Milano Bedding sofa beds are appreciated for their aesthetics which is followed, hand in hand, by the comfort given both by the practical opening and closing mechanisms and an incomparable sitting and sleeping comfort

Models therefore capable of distinguishing and enriching any environment to the fullest, without forgetting functionality: they convert very easily from a cozy sofa to a comfortable double bed, perfect for welcoming friends and relatives in the best possible way.

Andersen, project 21-5 New York

For three apartments located in Barcelona, the Andersen cross sleeping sofa bed was chosen, an ever-present model, with balanced, squared and essential proportions. 

Featuring an elegant and thin piping, it is also distinguished by a comfortable quilted seat.
Two more apartments in the project are also located in Barcelona: in one of them, the convertible sofa Clarke stands out, much appreciated for its wrinkled cover with visible stitching, informal and sophisticated at the same time, and in the other the sofa bed Dave, contemporary, light and elegant.

For the home in the marvellous Mallorca, the fresh and bright nuances typical of the sea predominate, and for this reason we find the Lampo sofa bed in blue colour.

The journey to the “21-5” holiday homes then passes through New York, where we see again the gray Andersen sofa, and ends in Rome in a sophisticated house, with gentle, chic tones, furnished with a style that mixes classic and modern elements. Also here, the Clarke sofa bed has been selected which, even in the soft gray shade, confirms the model’s ability to create a refined and at the same time confidential atmosphere.

Andersen, project 21-5 Barcelona
Clarke, project 21-5 Rome

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