How to choose the Milano Bedding sofa beds suited to your needs in the showrooms.

How to choose the Milano Bedding sofa beds suited to your needs in the showrooms.

Milano Bedding - Petrucciani divano letto sofa bed
Petrucciani - Hefeng Casa Taipei

The search for a convertible sofa starts from the showroom. It is a welcoming space in which to see, try and get advice.

Milano Bedding conquers Taiwan with the Hefeng Casa stores in Taipei and Taichung.

The choice of the Milano Bedding sofa bed, suitable for your needs and living space, starts from the showroom. Here you can see different models, placed in welcoming settings and try out their functionality and comfort.

Furthermore, it is possible to take advantage of the advice of specialized sellers. They are able to show peculiarities, possibilities for customization and the easy Lampolet system for opening/closing of all the Milano Bedding convertible models.

An example of large showrooms with a wide range of Milano Bedding sofa beds are the two Hefeng Casa stores, located on the island of Taiwan, in Taipei and Taichung. 

Their organization and proposal of transformable sofas starts from a careful study of homes which are, as in Europe, increasingly „concentrated“. It is therefore necessary to optimize and make the most of the environments, with an eye on functionality. This without forgetting the design and high quality of the furnishings.

In fact, the island offers a unique combination of modernity and tradition.

Here the Made in Italy, of which the Milano Bedding sofa beds are spokespersons, is highly appreciated for the exclusive union of functionality, design and quality. This not only for residential but also for the hotel industry.

Therefore, Taiwanese consumers, as well as those in the rest of the world, identify Italian designer furniture as solutions capable of satisfying in every aspect even the needs to expand spaces and their use. For example, thanks to the Milano Bedding convertible sofas, the sofa in the living room, in the study room or in the bedroom can be a place to relax during the day and convert into a comfortable bed for friends and relatives at night.

Milano Bedding - Jarreau

The Hefeng Casa stores, present in the capital Taipei and in the lively Taichung, have understood these needs of living and lifestyle. They have concentrated on various types of convertible furniture.

In fact, here the consumer can sit or lie down on sofas of different aesthetics, size, type of opening systems. They also can opt for different mattresses, all by Milano Bedding.

Therefore, within showrooms like these in Taiwan, the visitor, to choose his own sofa bed, can start by exploring the proposals. These are displayed in environments that offer the opportunity to experience first-hand the quality craftsmanship and refinement of Italian design.
Once the models most in line with the taste and style of the home have been identified, the staff can guide you. Together, you discover the features of each sofa and the staff proposes the customizable options that the Milano Bedding sofa beds offer to get ever closer to the ideal sofa bed for individual needs.

Hefeng Casa Taipei, for example, allows you to discover different Milano Bedding models: Clarke, Petrucciani, Lampo, Lampo Gemellare and Jan.

Milano-Bedding - Clarke- divano letto
Clarke, Hefeng Casa Taipei
Milano Bedding-Petrucciani - divano letto
Petrucciani, Hefeng Casa Taipei

Starting from the Clarke sofa, the importance given to comfort and practicality is immediately evident. 

Its slightly wrinkled, elegant and informal cover hides a model which, with a simple rotation of the backrest and without removing any cushion, becomes a double bed with a 200cm long mattress, available in two thicknesses, 14 or 18cm.

Equally comfortable and practical in its opening system, but with a more delicate and sinuous aesthetic, is the Petrucciani sofa bed. In the showroom is presented in leather, to satisfy those looking for a refined and timeless style.

Finally, to give space to the comfort of sitting and sleeping on sofa beds that are versatile and easily adaptable to different environments, the store has chosen to offer the Jan, Lampo and Lampo Gemellare models. The latter allows you to obtain two separate single beds that can be opened together or separately, maintaining the armchair option for one half.

Jeremie Evo Trendy, design Eric Berthes - Hefeng Casa Taichung
Oliver, design Alessandro Elli - Hefen Casa Taichung

At Hefeng Casa Taichung customers have the opportunity to explore further convertible sofas.

Among these, also made in Italy by Milano Bedding, are Goodman, Oliver and Vivien, designed by Alessandro Elli. Jeremie Evo Trendy designed by Eric Berthes and the Jarreau and Andersen designed by the Company.

In this space, the visitor can take a journey through convertible solutions that differ greatly in style.

The unmistakable Jeremie Evo Trendy, with its daybed shape, recalls the Art Déco taste, brought up to date by the lively turquoise Designers Guild fabric and the orange base.
Oliver, displayed in light gray fabric, is suitable for those who love strong lines. Its trapezoidal backrest becomes, when the sofa is open, a pleasant headboard. The electro-welded mesh or wooden slat base and the 18 cm mattress guarantee a regenerating rest.

Vivien, design Alessandro Elli - Hefeng Casa Taichung
Jarreau with chaise longue, Hefeng Casa Taichung

Vivien and Jarreau are two solutions presented with the chaise longue option.

Both ideal for those who have a larger space to dedicate to the relaxation area created by a sofa and sofa bed.

For those who want to make the sofa bed the hero of the environment, not only a place for relaxation but also for conviviality, Milano Bedding’s proposal is the Goodman. It is a modular solution with a curvilinear line designed to create multiple compositions.
Finally, Hefeng Casa has chosen to propose, for homes with limited space, the Andersen convertible sofa. A model with balanced, square and essential proportions that converts into a comfortable double bed with crosswise sleeping.

Goodman, Milano Bedding - divano letto
Goodman, design Alessandro Elli - Hefeng Casa Taichung
Milano Bedding Andersen - divano letto
Andersen with crosswise sleeping - Hefeng Casa Taichung

Therefore, shops like Hefeng Casa are perfect for leading the customer to choose the sofa bed suited to individual needs.

In addition to the wide range of models on display, they offer Taiwanese a unique opportunity to embrace Italian style combined with functionality and practicality in a harmonious way.
The collaboration between Hefeng Casa and Milano Bedding combines elegance, quality and craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy with local and international tastes and housing needs, as required for the furnishing of the numerous hotels on the island.


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