Christmas, a period of hospitality: Milano Bedding space-saving ideas for every need

Extra beds, storage spaces and additional seats in the name of conviviality and relaxation, without forgetting comfort

During the holidays, families and friends still love to get together for a few days of relaxation and conviviality between lunches and dinners, board games, films and sweet memories.

Freddie, design Simone Micheli

Whatever the rooms available for your guests, bedroom, living room, penthouse or basement, bigger or smaller, these can be fully exploited thanks to the Milano Bedding space-saving solutions

The main one is obviously the sofa bed, emblem of functionality, able to add two comfortable places to sleep; also ottomans and armchair beds are equally valid allies, which can increase the number of places to sit and sleep, even in small rooms, and be easily moved, always without neglecting aesthetics and comfort. Last but not least, the single bed with pull-out second bed and the storage bed, which offers extra space for blankets and pillows for everyone!

Andersen, 21-5 project by Bo-Tikken Indretning
Andersen, design Milano Bedding

The sofa bed integrates perfectly into the living area thanks to different styles, the unavoidable comfort and hidden functionality.

The Milano Bedding models stand out not only for their design, the wide choice of covers and comfort, but also for their quick and easy opening and closing function, often without having to remove any cushion. Once opened, the guest therefore has a real double bed with different thicknesses of mattresses and types of bed bases, an expression of the highest quality made in Italy. In the morning, with a simple movement, the bed will go back to being a cozy sofa for the day. Among the models that usually have the regular front opening, the Andersen sofa by Milano Bedding is interesting and stands out for the crosswise sleeping position, able to take less space but still with 200cm long mattress.

If the size of the rooms available is limited or if you prefer furniture that can be easily moved from one room to another, armchairs and ottoman beds can help for an extra place both during day and night. For this need, a valid proposal is Tommy by Milano Bedding, an armchair and ottoman with a young design, which transforms into a bed with a slatted base through a simple front opening mechanism.

Extremely comfortable and versatile are the Freddie armchair bed, designed by Simone Micheli, and Parker, designed by Alessandro Elli, both for Milano Bedding, models that can find space from the living room to the bedroom, thanks to their timeless shapes.

Tommy, Frattali Arredamenti - Roma
Parker, design Alessandro Elli - Bonton.dsgn project

Finally, in addition or as an alternative to the solutions for the whole home, there are those specifically for the bedrooms. 

The Antigua single bed, designed by Milano Bedding, is for example equipped with a second bed that can be pulled out if necessary, versatile also thanks to its panels positioned as a headboard, footboard or daybed. The storage bed such as the model Bahamas, with quilted headboard and bed frame, which, thanks to the practical «Komodo» system. This system rises the bed base and mattress up, allowing you to remove blankets, pillows and, why not, even your guests luggage, as well as allowing you to make the bed effortlessly.

There are therefore several different, comfortable, functional and stylish possibilities that allow you to fully enjoy your home throughout the year and on special occasions.

Bahamas, design Milano Bedding